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Stained Glass design studio School library stained glass windows St Paul’s Catholic Primary School   November 2008.

The 14 new windows surround the library and the school hall facing the corridor to the library. They creating a journey of images both intriguing and fun, stimulating learning and creativity, providing light and colour and rhythm to a previously uninteresting area.

The windows include favourite literary characters such as Harry Potter, Asterix, Paddington Bear and the Cat in the Hat; writing in cuneiform, Hebrew, hieroglyphics, and Latin; the children’s own haiku on conserving the planet; local history; geometry, biology, music, dance, sport, and images of the future of a robot and the Large Hadron Collider - even a text message!

As the scroll unfolds around the space it relates the school life to the Christian message and the particular interests of the children.

Harry Potter painted in school library window