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Sunrise Stained Glass Studio

Stained glass window artists achieving high standards of design and craftsmanship.

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Sunrise studio is held on the approved contractor registers of the following organisations and the site links will take you to further information on their services.

British Society of  Master Glass Painters

Architectural Stained Glass and Bespoke Art Glass…..

Our portfolio ranges from contemporary and abstract styles to traditional designs and techniques in stained and leaded glass windows and stained glass panels.

Our dedicated team of designers and craftsmen bring their considerable expertise and experience to every stage of the project, from initial planning stages with the architect or specifier through to final completion.  

Artist designer Jude Tarrant is an elected Associate of the British Society of Master Glass Painters.

Restoration & Conservation…..

We have earned a high reputation for the restoration of stained glass windows in historic buildings and have been pleased to have worked on a number of important projects. Approved by English Heritage, Ecclesiastical Insurers, the Council for the Care of Churches, numerous DAC’s and government local authorities for work on historic glazing schemes.

Sunrise studio skilled restoration team is able to undertake the specialist cleaning and protection of windows and use approved methods to conserve the existing materials wherever possible.

restoring stained windows


Architectural stained glass commissions are welcome and we often advise that the most desirable outcome is achieved when designing stained glass into the architecture of a building project right from the start.

Custom stained glass design:

Contemporary glass installations in architecture can link areas of a building giving continuity and providing a focus for entrances or meeting areas. The way in which the light from coloured glass windows and stained glass panels is modulated can be a source of calm and connection between spaces, and expresses a unique identity to a building through light, form and colour.  

Modern windows of stained glass in traditional settings:

Ideas can be communicated with stained glass windows and stained glass panels about the purpose of a building or to link areas of historic buildings with new architectural additions, yet still retaining a unity of design purpose between traditional and contemporary spaces.  The architectural stained glass defines boundaries between interior and exterior.

Sunrise studio glass designers bring their skills of various glass processes to a project and we provide a full service of custom architectural stained glass design, from the initial consultation right through to the final installation, for either traditional or modern windows.

More about our commissioned modern windows and stained glass can be seen here in our portfolio pages, and these examples of many different styles of stained glass panels provide an illustration of some of the glass processes we use in the Sunrise studio, such as etching, sandblasting, kiln fired pigments and enamelling, fused glass and silver staining.

Architectural stained glass art can provide a  contemporary expression utilising traditional glass processes that have been in use for centuries, bringing the best of tried and tested methods together with the best of new innovations and materials in the glass industry.

Sunrise studio gallery page also includes some photos in detail of modern windows for you to enjoy.....


Sunrise studio has many years experience  in providing a high standard of design and manufacture in new stained glass work and has acquired a broad range of expertise in custom stained glass panels and the design of appropriate modern windows for traditional and historic buildings.